Command and Conquer: The Battle for Europe




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If you want to dominate the world, you need to control Europe. This is key for a number of reasons, including gaining resources and expanding your territory. To do this, you need to take advantage of the powerful allies your army has at your disposal. Here’s how to make sure your forces are on point and victory is yours.

What is Command and Conquer.

Command and Conquer is a video game developed by real-time strategy (RTS) developers Westwood One and EA Redwood. It first hit the market in 1997, and since its release has sold over 100 million copies.

The gameplay revolves around commanding armies of soldiers to fight for control of large areas of Europe, as well as taking on other players’ armies in matches that can last for hours on end. The campaign consists of linear levels with various obstacles in between, which the player must overcome to win. The different race classes available to players make the game more or less balanced, with some classes having better abilities than others.

How to Play Command and Conquer.

There are three main race classes in Command and Conquer: the Terran, American, and Soviet. Choose the one that best suits your playstyle and tactics.

Start the Campaign.

Start the campaign by choosing your race class and starting the game. You’ll need to do this to unlock all of the units and buildings for your race class.

Tips for Playing Command and Conquer.

Although playing the Command and Conquer game can be fun, it’s important to use the right weapons for the task at hand. For example, if you want to fight a tank, make sure you have the appropriate armor and weapons to take on that vehicle.

Similarly, when choosing a vehicle, be sure to choose one that will allow you to engagement your enemy in an effective way. Choose a car that is easy enough for beginners but also has all the features necessary for advanced players. And finally, always remember that strategy is key in Command and Conquer: The Battle for Europe! By following these tips, you’ll be able to lead your army into battle and victory!

Use the Right Vehicles.

When it comes to vehicles, there are two main types: infantry cars and tanks. Infantry cars are designed for carrying infantry into battle; they don’t have any other abilities aside from being able to drive. If you want to play as a Tanker in command game mode, make sure you have at least one of these vehicles available in your inventory so you can drive around and attack your enemies from behind!

Use the Right Strategy.

Playing Command and Conquer is all about using the right strategy when attacked by your enemies. Be sure to think about how best to approach each situation before starting hostilities- this will help ensure a swift victory!


Playing Command and Conquer can be a very rewarding experience. By playing as different races, you can create unique strategies that will work best for your team. Additionally, using the right weapons and vehicles can help you take down your opponents. Playing the game in an easy to understand way is key to enjoying it, so it’s important to practice regularly. Finally, tips for playing Command and Conquer can help make the game more enjoyable for all players.

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